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WITCH MOUNTAIN - Mobile Of Angels CD

In what will be seen as the doom metal veterans’ mightiest work yet, “Mobile Of Angels” sees WITCH MOUNTAIN create a wondrous album of heavy, bluesy sultry doom with their latest release which merges the band’s signature crushing rhythms with moving doom-metal balladry 

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URARV - Aurum CD

Northern trees sometimes bear strange fruit. Arising from the shadow of mental institutions and personal secret corners comes the Norwegian Urarv (“Ancient Heritage”), the new project spearheaded by avant-metal stalwart Björn Aldrahn Dencker of DHG and The Deathtrip and Thorns fame.

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A known entity to the most attentive and adventurous of black metal fans, with Valonielu ORANSSI PAZUZU offers a vibrant, colorful cataclysm of psych, space rock, and black metal that cannot be easily categorized as any one particular genre or any single influence.

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