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HELL-BORN - Natas Liah CD - Digipack Limited Edition
  • HELL-BORN - Natas Liah CD - Digipack Limited Edition

HELL-BORN - Natas Liah CD - Digipack Limited Edition

6 panels digipack cd with 16 pages booklet

Polish Black/Death/Thrash Metal

Started as a side project of ex-Behemoth and Damnation members but eventually became the main band. Recommended if you like : Behemoth, Vader, Damnation, Miasma, etc...

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Hell-Born returns 12 years after their last album. The band was started in 1996 by Behemoth co-founder Baal and Les, also a former Behemoth musician as well as a member of Damnation. There are IX songs on "Natas Liah" - old school, black death metal with a bit of melody typical for the group. There were also some guests during the recording session, including Adam NERGAL Darski. The band confirms that it is by far definitely the best album in their career.

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